Book Stoppers: What’s the Point?


what is the point of writing a bookI wonder how many books have never seen the light of day, because the potential author of that book kept thinking “What’s the point?”  Whether you secretly think it (perhaps so secretly that you keep it from yourself) or whether you find yourself sighing out loud when you sit down to write, “What’s the point?” is a serious book-stopper.

Lots of writers — both aspiring and published — suffer from ‘What’s the point?”  Anyone who has ever seriously thought about writing a book has considered the huge number of books out there.  Books in bookshops. Books in charity shops. Manuscripts of books piled high on the desks of agents and editors. All the the books that aren’t published. All the books that are published.  All the books that don’t get reviewed or win prizes.  All the books that sink without trace.

Come on, seriously now, what’s the point?  What’s the point of adding yet another book to the ridiculous number of books that already exist?  So much easier to… I don’t know, watch a movie. Play sudoko. Read someone else’s brilliant book and get depressed about it. (The latest Kazuo Ishiguro, I’m told, is a serious “What’s the point?” kind of book).

Except, imagine how many books you wouldn’t have enjoyed if their author had given in to the same urge.  The point is, maybe your book will bring someone incredible pleasure.  Maybe that someone could even be you!  But only if can get over thinking that writing it will, in some way, be pointless. 

If you’re currently avoiding writing your book, ask yourself “What’s the point?” and see if it rings true.  If it does, your life will get a lot easier if you make a choice to eliminate that thought pattern with one of these powerful tools now at every writer’s disposal, EFT or PSTEC.  You might want even want to consider obliterating it with some assistance by coming on the Write the Damn Book! weekend. It you can ditch “What’s the point?” someone, somewhere down the line, may well be very grateful.  Maybe that someone could even be you.



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