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So here it is, my new website.  A more dynamic beasty than my old one, less cluttered, and with a nice view out of the window. Completely unlike my study, in other words.

Perhaps you liked some of the bits and pieces on the old one. I know a lot of people enjoyed listening to the audio files there. But much like my old Toyota Previa, it was getting very tired and crotchety, not working properly, and the friend who built it for me is now too busy and famous to be bothering with fixing css templates (the website obviously, not the Previa). Luckily, I remembered that I used to work in IT and built myself a new one in just a few hours with the help of WordPress (and Adobe Photoshop).  Indeed, I couldn’t leave it alone until it was complete-ish, so I am updating this message (which was previously an ‘under construction’ message) at 2.20am. I believe it’s time for bed.

If you’re in Brighton, come and see me read at the New Venture Theatre next Friday 22nd. Details and tickets here.

Otherwise, come back and visit from time to time.  I will be corresponding with the world more regularly now that my PhD is handed in.


4 thoughts on “Putting it together

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  • November 28, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Hi Ros,

    i find your website quite difficult to read.

    Obviously I disagree with your conclusions about Kit and WIll but am interested to read your Phd thesis thereupon. Is it availble?


    • November 29, 2010 at 8:10 am

      Dear Mr WS,

      Thank you for dropping by. Difficult to read because of the size of the font, or some other matter? Style considerations can always be tweaked and I welcome feedback.

      I have no date for the Viva as yet but once the thesis is agreed and finalised both physical and electronic copies will be lodged at the University of Sussex and I believe an electronic copy will be available through the British Library. The expanded book-length version is in the pipeline, but don’t hold your breath – it’s unlikely to see the light of day much before 2012/3. In the meantime you can find details of my published articles (some of which are available online) on the Scholarship page.

      Incidentally I wouldn’t say I have come to any conclusions about Kit and Will. I have simply investigated some of the interesting points of the Marlowe-wrote-Shakespeare theory, and have found a way of framing them to demonstrate that the idea that Marlowe wrote Shakespeare is not as entirely ludicrous an idea as most people with an opinion on the matter believe. My argument, similar to that expressed by Bill Leahy in the introduction of Shakespeare and His Authors is that the Authorship Question is a valid (and interesting) area of academic research.


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